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CEO Message

Dear All,

I’m very pleased to be the Director and CEO of a wonderful team of KTM Consulting Group Pty Ltd. As I believe that right skills and experience leads everything into the path of success, being a certified Australian education Agent (QEAC M574), I’m determined to provide the right and ethical education counselling to all aspiring students.

My motto is to provide students will quality counselling which is also the primary motto of all our staffs and counsellor in KTM Consulting Group. I want to set the standard where an education agent will be idolised as a reference point of career counselling and effective service provider.

Our goal is to serve everyone’s curiosity about abroad studies especially about Australian VET or Higher Education sector and cater students with best fit courses. In the long run, KTM consulting aims to operate from many onshore (Australian Interstate) as well as global branches. We have already established our 2 successful branches in Nepal and looking forward to expanding into completely new regions such as China, South Africa and South American nations.

I want to assure all interested applicant for Australian education and our business associates that KTM Consulting Group will be soon one of the trustable and popular education agency in the domain of Australian Education.

Thank you for reading me.

CEO of (KTM Consulting Group)