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KTM Referral

Dear Viewers,
If you have friends studying or would like to study and change providers/institutions in Australia, we have an opportunity for you. We can assist you earn incentives while you refer clients to KTM Consulting Group.
How does it work? 
1. You bring the client in contact to KTM Office or to the staff of KTM Consulting group.
2. We will do a quick reference check if the client has visited our office in the past or already taken
service from us.
3. If he/she is a fresh client then we consider them on your account.
4. We will try our best to provide them with the desired outcome and give any scholarship that college/ universities currently provide for the intake student applies for.
5. You will be eligible to collect a referral incentive of $300 on your nominated account right after a month of the course start date as per the CoE.
NOTE: If the student withdraws the course after the CoE and before the course start date, you may not be eligible to collect the incentives.










***Conditions Apply***