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Pearson Tests of English

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is just quite different from IELTS. It’s question patterns are similar to IELTS. PTE is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad.

You need to do all your task on computer while you need a computer a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions. We will get 3 hours to finished your all task.

PTE Speaking

It is divided into three sections but the academic tests and general tests can differ. You are allocated 60 minutes of time. To prepare you for this part of the test, you will look at various reading materials in class, in your free time and be required to do various exercises based upon them.

Que format

  • READ ALOUD (6 – 7 Questions)
  • REPEAT SENTENCE (8 – 10 Questions)
  • DESCRIBE IMAGE (6 – 8 Questions)
  • RE-TELL LECTURE (2 – 3 Questions)
  • ANSWER SHORT QUESTIONS (10 – 12 Questions)

PTE Writing

  • You need to present with a graph, table, chart or diagram, asked for description or summarize . You need to spend 20 minutes on task 1.
  • You will be given essay writing in response to a point of view, argument or problem. You need to complete task on 40 minutes.

PTE Reading

You will get a multiple choice question.

  • Identifying information.
  • Identifying writer’s views/claims.
  • Matching, completion.
  • Short-answer questions.

PTE Listening

  • Multiple choice
  • Matching
  • Plan, map, diagram labelling
  • Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion
  • Sentence completion
  • Short-answer questions